Klangreisen – Sound trips

Soothing sounds around you.
Tensions become relaxation.

You are submerged in a sea of sounds
and feel borne up.

With the sounds,
you travel into your inner world.
Memories, sensations, and emotions
may emerge.
Insights appear.


I play instruments like sound bowls, ocean drum, rattles, pipes, flutes, piano, etc. The sound takes you on a trip to your interior.

Klangreisen are pleasant, relaxing and beneficial.
Personal harmony is enhanced and energy is recharged.

Klangreisen are good for people of any age and health status.
A Klangreise is arranged on an individually, whether for a child, an eldery person, a school class or a management team.

Klangreisen as events in seminars, workshops, project weeks, parties, family celebrations, among friends, during classes … or just for you personally.

Klangreisen may also be prepared for a specific subject.



Make an appointment for your personal Klangreise!

Where: to be agreed
Price: depending on location and size of the group.
(indicative price approx. € 100,–)
Duration: to be agreed

Appointments by phone or e-mail:
Maria Estella Dürnecker
mobile: +43 | 676 | 704 25 24
e-mail > info (at) klangreisen.at


The next scheduled Klangreisen, followed by a collective Jam Session (open to everybody!) – see > dates & booking