Natural, healthy vibrations are restored – why sound massages are effective

The human body is a complex vibrating system, which reacts to all possible and different frequencies. Many frequencies influence our bodies and make them vibrate.

The term “resonance” is of Latin origin, coming from “re-sonare”, which means “to return sounds” or “to vibrate back”. That means, a vibration coming from outside produces the vibration of something which has the same or a similar wavelength.

The different parts of our body –our organs, bones, tissues and bodily systems – each have their own specific resonance frequencies. All together, these frequencies form a polyphonic harmony, our personal resonance. When we feel well, we call this state of harmony “health”.
If any part of our body vibrates restlessly or in disharmony, we call this state illness. What happens when we transfer the correct vibration to this part of the body that is vibrating in disharmony?

We are arriving now at the Principles of sound healing: 

Everything, including the human body, vibrates. During the sound healing process, some parts of the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body are reinforced thanks to the correct resonance frequency.

These frequencies can charge weak cells with energy, strengthen them and thus restore them to health. The natural, healthy vibrations are restored.

Because sound is multidimensional and therefore capable of acting on several levels at the same time – on the corporeal, emotional, mental or spiritual level –, its regenerating energy is potentially unlimited.

Sound healing has a holistic effect, acting via several channels: