Maria Estella

Born 1975 in St. Pölten and raised in Ober-Grafendorf.
I began to learn piano at the age of 6. From the 6th term at the “Wirtschaftskundliches Realgymnasium der Engl. Fräulein” in St. Pölten onwards, I also studied music at the “Konservatorium für Kirchenmusik St. Pölten”. Playing the organ was my favourite.
I reached the climax of my career as organist in 1997, when I performed my own concert. 

But when I began to study Environmental Engineering and Water Economy at the “Universität für Bodenkultur” (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences) in Vienna, I did not have too much time to practice. So I discovered with pain that I had less and less free time to perform as organist and singer in the choir.

Once I ended my studies, I went to Spain, to gain new experiences during an internship. Granada became my new home. My colleagues on site initiated me into the Andalusian secrets of nature and life. I wanted to stay in Spain and took a job in a company of water experts.

During the weekends I explored the provinces close to Madrid. What I liked most was visiting my friends in Andalusía. As a country girl, I missed nature, which I was unable to find in the large city.

maria estella

After two and a half years, I followed the call of my roots and went back to Austria. Here, I began to work as Project Coordinator for the LIFE-Nature Project “Lafnitz”. Currently, I am working as expert within the administration for Hydraulic Works and Water Protection within the government of Lower Austria.


To achieve a balance to my work as an engineer, music always continued playing a role in my heart: piano, organ and church music, in Spain Latino-percussion and Flamenco-Cajón, in Graz Flamenco dancing – then, in 2008, I discovered the influence of sound on people.


Since then, I enjoyed my training for sound treatment with Peter Charles Nezval (Vienna). Since 2009, I have been giving sound massages and organizing sound trips.

Toning and overtone singing are a heavenly pleasure for me. So, I was especially lucky to sing with the “Freischwebende Obertonchor” under Markus Michael Riccabona.

2009 was the year where I had the idea for the “Wüstenklänge” during a trip to Jordan. Since this trip, I have been studying Arabic and staying in contact with my dear Bedouin friends.



As part of my studies of „Social Work“ I began working in youth mentoring. There, I am concerned with children and juveniles which are mostly from Afghanistan. I truly enjoy this experience and I perceive it as something wonderful and very rewarding.

I have completed two long-term internships in Tamra (Israel) and in Tanger (Morocco).

In 2011, I have completed a two-semester basic course at the Vienna School of Photography.

While working on a home work assignment for my studies of social work, I came across TaKeTiNa and I was very much excited about it. Between May 2012 and June 2013 I attended the TaKeTiNa rhythm training in Penzberg (Germany) where I am learning how to play the Korean hourglass drum Tschanggo.

On October 12 2012, I organized – jointly with "the fädlerei" in Ober-Grafendorf – an oriental evening with a presentation on Bedouin life .



I am very happy that, in the fall semester of 2013, I was admitted to the „Musictherapy“ study-programm at the Fachhochschule IMC Krems.