Trips in the Jordanian desert

The desert landscapes of Wadi Rum and Petra, the striking city in the rocks, form one of the most beautiful stretches of landscapes in Jordan. Forms and colours of less well-known wadies and canyons surpass anything you could imagine.


We hike without luggage, with camels and Bedouins, through varied desert landscapes to the World Heritage City of Petra.

Being a guest in traditional Bedouin tent, and getting to know the Bedouin life in Al Hummaimah are further points on the programme of this sensual journey.

Thanks to my friendship with the extended family of the Sheik in Al Hummaimah I can give participants in the trip the contacts and the opportunity to have extraordinary personal experiences: from the traditional dishes, the daily desert life in the tents and the life in the village to camel care, songs and stories.

In their friendly way, everyone will be accepted with an open heart and cared for personally.


Wüstenklänge is a kind of slow-motion through the beauties of nature, to the World Heritage City of Petra and to the Bedouins of Jordan – a trip for the soul.