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Itinerary & Program


 1st day

The trip starts with the arrival of the specified flight from Amman to Aqaba (Royal Jordanien’s flight No. 302 from Amman at approx. 21:40 pm local time). Participants not taking this flight will have to be present at the arrival of the flight in the arrival lounge of Aqaba Airport.

Reception by the Bedouin guide.

Transfer to Wadi Rum, where our Bedouins are awaiting us with their camels. Starting today, our Bedouin cook will pamper us with delicious, freshly prepared dishes. We sleep for the first time under the open desert sky and its stars.

2nd day

Departure of the caravan. We just take some luggage for the day with us. The main part of our luggage is carried by car to our camp. We walk or ride through lovely desert landscapes.
We pass two of the impressive stone bridges, where we have a rest with enough time for taking pictures or climbing up the rocks.

3rd day

We pass the very famous “mushroom rock”, known from the film „Laurence of Arabia“. We camp at the spectacular rock formations “Umm Madreira” where we have lunch and enjoy the panoramic view.
The natural underground cave of the cistern Charabt al Bait provides an amazing resonance room. Of course we take the advantage and let the rocks sound and tone.
We spend the night at Abu Salim, a Bedouin of the clan, who still lives with his family in the traditional goat hair tents in the desert.

4th day

The expanse of the Wadi Al Hummaimah leads us to the Nabataean village “Al Hummaimah Al Qadimah”, which we will explore.
Then we enter the Wadi Chaimr. The jeep cannot follow us in this Wadi; we have to take the luggage for the next 24 hours with us on the camels. The beauty of  the Wadi Chaimr with its coloured sandstone rocks, narrow canyons and hidden well never ceases to amaze.

5th day

Red rocks in bizarre forms, individual trees, we might even find a butterfly. The landscape opens up and we meet next dry river valleys, the first sand dunes. We will walk without shoes through the wide dunes of Wadi Raigane, which will give us a totally new impression of the desert landscape. The soft sand invites you to enjoy yourself and romp around.
In the evening light, we climb the dunes and enjoy the sunset surrounded by soft sand landscapes.

6th day

Wadi Al Melouwen surpasses all the coloured sandstone rocks we have seen so far during our trip We hike through without our camels; the very narrow path does not allow the camels passing through it.. Travellers suffering from vertigo or not sure-footed are recommended to take the alternative route on camels or in the jeep.
In Wadi Raquilla we will touch the many colours of the sandstone for the first time.
The silence in these wadis is worth listening to.
The overnight camp is located in Wadi Xaib, which is blessed with water, so that a watering hole lets enjoying the camels and beautiful trees lining the shore.

7th day, 8th day

Day after day, the ever-changing Wadis surprise us with their forms and colours.


9th day

On a rock in the expanse of the Wadi Profort there is a rock house, in which Lawrence of Arabia is said to have lived. From here, we enjoy the view.

10th day

Fascinated by the impressive geological formations, we arrive at Aaron Mountain. On the top, Aaron’s Grave, with impressive views over Israel and Petra; together with the beauties of nature, it all means that every day bring new astonishment to us. We prepare our camp close to the caverns at the World Heritage Town of Petra.

11th day, 12th day

Very early in the morning, we descend from our camp into the rocky town of Petra. A friend of our Bedouins, who lives in the caverns of Petra, will be our guide through the town for the next two days.
We stay in a hotel in Wadi Musa.
(B/L/-) and (B/L/D)

13th day

Departure in the morning – transfer to Aqaba Airport and flight back home.

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