Wüstenklänge FAQ


Is there a danger of being kidnapped?

No. Jordan is, in general, a peaceful country, and there have been no reported incidents of violence or kidnapping, or hostilities between the different ethnic groups or against foreigners. This also applies to the Bedouins in Jordan which are known to be amiable and thoughtful hosts.


How long are the daily excursions?

Approximately five hours. There may be the possibility to ride on camels which shortens the walking time.


What about snakes and small animals? Are there any, and are they dangerous?

No. First of all, these animals are rare in the region where we will be, and secondly, the Bedouins are very vigilant and reassure that there won't be any such problems.


Do I have to be musical to participate?

Absolutely not! No one is obliged to sing or tone. Everything is voluntary.


How are the temperatures?

The temperature can vary a lot. With sunshine, it can be pleasantly warm. Often, there is a slight chilly breeze during the day which requires some warm clothing. During the night, the temperature can drop quite considerably, even below 0°C. Therefore, it is advisable to bring proper outside sleeping gear (see my recommendations concerning equipment).


Can I recharge my batteries during the trip?

During the trip we won't encounter power sources for recharging batteries. Bring enough batteries or use a solar battery charger.


What is the daily routine?

In the morning, we get up with the sun, pack our sleeping gear and have breakfast together. Then we make our way. Our group is accompanied by camels which carry our daypacks, the main luggage is transported by car. At lunch time, we meet the car (with our main luggage and the kitchen equipment) at a camp. After a delicious lunch we continue our way to the evening camp, where everyone chooses his own sleeping place. In the evening after a warm dinner, we gather at a cozy campfire, where we warm up, sit together and have fun.


Should I bring presents for our hosts?

Of course, this is not mandatory but entirely up to you. If you consider bringing presents: Pens and paper, sanitary products, lighter, cigarettes, sweets are always welcome presents.
Photos of your own family are very welcome. (Bedouin do not ask after your work, but after your family.)


Can I snack between the meals?

Between breakfast, tea break, lunch and dinner there is no snacking. But, of course, you can bring your own chocolate, sweets or snacks to eat it in between.


Is this an esoteric journey?

No, the trip style is classic and designed to ensure an authentic and unforgettable travel experience The trip style generally has broad appeal and, of course, self-discovery may be experienced and enjoyed. (See the reviews of the last trips).


How much of the total trip cost do the Bedouins receive?

The Bedouins get compensated for their work at a fair price, which is comparable to local tourism services. The whole Bedouin family gets an important financial support through the Wüstenklänge.