Travelling conditions

Our concern

We want to promote fair tourism, which helps the country. Local guides accompany our trips and act as intermediaries between the cultures, establishing good contacts with the people of the country. The limited number of participants is intended to avoid over-crowding the visited country and allow intensive encounters.



The trip starts with the arrival of the specified flight from Amman to Aqaba. Participants not taking this flight will have to be present at the arrival of the flight in the arrival lounge of Aqaba Airport.


Adventure character

We travel as a caravan in the traditional manner of the nomads. Bedouins guide our caravan and cook for us at the campfire. Camels are used for riding and carrying our luggage. We sleep under the open sky. The planned stages may be covered with an average fitness state.

The wadis partially require that participants do not suffer from vertigo and are sure-footed. It is possible to skip some stages and to complete the stage with the car or by riding on camels.

During the Wüstenklänge no power supply is available for recharging batteries.

We will be travelling outside civilisation, without any chance to shop.


Booking / Payment

To register for the trip, please use the booking form. You can send it online, by ordinary mail or by fax. The travel contract is formed as soon as we accept and confirm your booking in writing. Payment is due after receiving the invoice. Payment with credit card is not possible.
The number of participants will be at least 4 and no more than 10. Should the minimum number of participants not be reached, we reserve the right to make a price adjustment of € 200,–.


Entry requirements

Passport, valid for at least 6 months after the date of the departure from Jordan – The necessary visa will be issued upon arrival at the airport. Participants will organize their entry visa and pay for it themselves.


Cancellations regulations

Up to 30 days before start: 20% of the price shall be charged
29th–20th day: 50% of the price shall be charged
19th–10th day: 65% of the price shall be charged
9th–4th day: 85% of the price shall be charged
3rd day–start, or withdrawal after start or no-show upon departure: 100% of the price will be charged

The basis for the calculation of the charge is the amount shown on the invoice.


Responsibility / State of health

Participants travel at their own risk, knowing the special requirements and risks of travelling within a caravan. Due to the fact that this trip leads us to secluded natural areas with little population, it may take some time to get help in case of accident. In some cases, no help from third parties may be available.

Regardless of our duty to inform participants on all legal aspects concerning passport, visa, currency, customs, airport and health, participants act on their own responsibility, and are also responsible for their travel documents and equipment. Should you have special infirmities or concerns about your state of health, we kindly ask you to consult with your physician. We cannot take any responsibility for you making the journey.

We have no control over unexpected events, like e.g. delays of flights, natural events and the changes of programme resulting from them. These situations shall be considered force majeure and do not imply the right for any reimbursement. Should any extra costs arise due to force majeure or for any other reason (e.g. additional flight, hotel or transfer costs), these shall be paid for by the participants.

Verbal agreements require written confirmation.



We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this trip is NOT a standard “off-the-shelf” product. Changes may occur for various reasons during the trip. All performance guarantees have to be understood in such a way, that there may be changes due to alterations of the route for valid reasons (e.g. bad weather conditions, changes in roads or paths, unforeseeable weakness or illness of a participant, necessary repair of the cars, administrative arbitrariness, etc.). They are not grounds for any requests for reimbursement. It is not the object of this travel contract to reach a certain destination. We expressly reserve the right to change the route even without prior notice.


Sent documents and photos

Photos depicting participants and photos or texts sent to us are saved in our archives. We reserve the right to use these materials for advertising purposes – without asking, without mention of the participant’s name and without paying any publication fees.


Voluntary travel insurance

The price of the trip does not include any travel insurance – We offer our participants a voluntary travel insurance policy by “Europäische Reiseversicherung”, acting exclusively as intermediaries. Any claim has to be handled by the participant directly with the insurance company. You will find the complete wording of this insurance policy at >



The travel agency el mundo operates according to its General Terms & Conditions. These terms and conditions can be seen at the travel agency, and a copy of the terms can be taken with you. The agency will also send you a copy on request. The terms stated here within are valid in addition to the General Terms & Conditions of the agency.


Errors / changes

Errors, changes in price, flight hours or programme may occur. Misprints are also possible. In this case, they shall be corrected by us when confirming your booking.



Organizer of this trip:
el mundo GmbH, Schmiedgasse 16, A - 8010 Graz

Code number: 2001/0014
Court of jurisdiction: Graz


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