I especially like getting to know other cultures. Living with other people and feeling that I am one of them – this is for me the natural way of immersing myself in their lives. I do not feel like a tourist, but a traveller, and ideally, one of them.
I experienced this while living for two and a half years in Spain. I was always just one of them. This way, I was in the centre of Andalusia and Spanish life.

The first time I visited Jordan, I came as a traveller, and I left as a friend. From the very beginning, I felt as if I was part of the Bedouins. This was the beginning of my close friendship with the extended family of a Sheik in Al Hummaimah.
After that experience, I visited them during a few weeks on my own and lived together with them in the desert. From that moment onwards, I was considered to be a sister in the clan. I got insights into the Bedouin life that very few travellers can get.

The photos give insights into the traditional life of the Bedouins, show marvellous desert landscapes, the rock city of Petra and many personal encounters with my friends of the desert.

These experiences are something very special for people from our culture, and may be experienced by the participants in Wüstenklängen in a very similar way.


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I am pleased to share my experiences and pictures of these days.
The subtitle of my presentations is:

“Experiences instead of data, impressions instead of facts”

I want to give you personal impressions and pictures that touch our souls. Sometime, I let the pictures talk on their own, letting the participants immerse themselves in the sounds of the culture and admire the pictures.

The length of the presentations, their focus and location is flexible.
For school classes, seminars, workshops, travellers interested in Wüstenklänge, for friends and seniors groups...
I am pleased to share my experience in one of my presentations.


Book a presentation – over the phone or by e-mail:
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